What are the precautions when using the large public bath?

Please check below;
・Parents/Gardians, please keep an eye on your children in the BATH&SAUNA.
・Babies and toddlers wearing diapers are not allowed in the baths.
・Children ages six and under are not permitted in the BATH&SAUNA without a parent or guardian.
・Children ages under 9 are available both men and women in the public baths.
・This hotel is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, damage to or loss of personal property.
Please use the locker at your own risk.

Prohibited Guests
・Intoxicated guests or guests with tatoos are not permitted in the public baths.
・Please be careful not to bother others.
・Clothes, swimming suits, camera, or mobile phone of any kind are not allowed in the bath area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Facilities