Dive into fun with the island's
best marine activities

Meet countless tropical fish in the Yaeyama sea

Snorkeling is just one of many activities Ishigaki Island is famous for. Directly in front of the resort, a coral reef thrives just below the crystal clear surface. Submerged in wide open ocean, you will be dazzled by color as you meet all kinds of tropical fish. Brilliant yellows of butterflyfish, the shimmering greens of pearl spot chromis, and of course, the most famous cinema star of the seas, the clownfish. Take a snorkeling course with masks, snorkels and fins provided. So, even if it is your first time, you don't need to bring anything. Just show up and we will look after you. There are also glass-bottom boats for kids when conditions are calm, for the pure joy that comes with discovering the sea.

Clear kayak sea adventures for parents and children

For guests with small children, try our clear kayaks to enjoy the world below the waves together. It might look challenging at first, but these stable craft need just a short paddle course with our staff to teach you the basics. You'll be ready to play safely together in no time. Through the clear bottom of the kayak you can see all the lively flashes of tropical color as fish zip along through the coral while you peek down into the living world of the sea. Joining your kids for a sea adventure will certainly be a moment to remember.

Play to your heart's content with Ishigaki Island's marine activities

Exceptional marine activities all year round are one of Fusaki's special features, except for the stormy moments, of course. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) feels just like slipping across the surface of the glassy sea. Cruise over the crystal-clear waters to invigorate your day. Excitement seekers will delight in the Dragon Board or Marine Jet. Fusaki is the only place on Ishigaki Island with such a wide variety of activities. Adventure to your heart's content in, on, and over the sea at Fusaki.

※Due to Covid-19, some marine activities may not be available to guests for a period of time. Thank you for your understanding.