Information on Free Pickup Service

This is a guide on how to use the free pickup service between Fusaki Beach Resort and Ishigaki Airport. There are also buses that go to Art Hotel Ishigakijima, a fellow member of the MYSTAYS hotel family.

* Bus departure times may change suddenly right before departure.
When a change is made, we will post it on this page. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we request that you consult the guidance on this page just before coming to our resort.

Ishigakijima Airport-Bound Timetable


Fusaki Beach
Resort departure
Ishigaki Airport arrival
8:25 am 9:00 am
10:10 am 10:45 am
11:10 am 11:45 am
01:10 pm 01:45 pm
02:10 pm 02:45 pm
03:40 pm 04:15 pm
05:10 pm 05:45 pm

Fusaki Beach Resort-Bound Timetable


Ishigaki Airport departure Fusaki Beach
Resort arrival
10:10 am 10:45 am
11:10 am 11:45 am
00:10 pm 00:45 pm
02:10 pm 02:45 pm
03:10 pm 03:45 pm
04:40 pm 05:15 pm
06:10 pm 06:45 pm

About the boarding location for buses at Ishigaki Airport

At Ishigaki Airport, please get the bus at the bus pool by the airport entrance
(not the reserved bus boarding area). Just hop right on the bus when it is parked in the bus pool area.

About use of the bus

• The shuttle bus may be used free of charge.

• Smoking is not permitted on the bus.

• Use of the shuttle bus is limited to our resort’s overnight guests.

• Reservations for the shuttle bus are not accepted.

• There is limited seating.

• You may not be able to get on the bus if it is full. In that case, you can either wait for the next shuttle bus, or take a taxi or local bus.

• Shuttle bus times will not be changed to accommodate those whose flights were delayed.

• The bus may not run during typhoons and other violent weather conditions.

• You cannot use it for picking up luggage or other non-passenger-related reasons.

• Depending on traffic, the bus may be late to arrive. It is recommended that you come in good time to catch your bus.

FAQ about Access