The charms of Fusaki Beach Resort,
where the extraordinary meets the mundane

Experience life on a tropical island paradise

Have you ever yearned for a life on an island paradise; living together with your family by the beautiful ocean in peaceful transquility? Experience the full wonders of the Ishigaki Island's from its pristine nature to its extraordinary sight-seeing locations. Fusaki Beach Resort offers a comprehensive package of the "Island Living" lifestyle.

Modern village designed traditionally with red-tiled roofs

The Garden Villas are Ryukyu-style cottages with traditional red-tiled roofs designed and decorated with techniques particular to these islands. The hedges are made using coral, while entrances come alive with sparks of colors granted by a variety of plants and flowers, including hibiscus, Shekwasha lemon, and bougainvillea. The village looks exactly as Ishigaki Island has since the old days. Experience the history of Ishigaki while walking down these traditional laneways.

Step out into Ishigaki Island’s stunning nature

Open the cottage door to discover the beautiful white sand covering the beach just adjavent to the mega swimming pool for kids to safely play in. Come enjoy the endless fun at Fusaki Resort.

The Welcome Baby room provides picture books, baby wipes and bed guards to ensure guests with children can also enjoy a relaxing stay. In the cottages you will discover the unique experience that comes with the traditional design, “Just Like Living on the Island.”

Feeling the tranquil breeze, Patio Rooms

Over at the North Wing, we have rooms with patios and ocean views for the full Okinawan experience. Guest rooms on the first floor face the central garden with a stream flowing out front that magnifies the true ambience of the Ishigaki Islands. A place for relaxation for both the mind and body, there are family rooms ensured to keep everyone's mind at rest as they vacation together.

Soak in the charm of Ishigaki Island

The Garden Villas and the North Wing are surrounded by lush emerald green next to 1km of soft white sand on Fusaki beach. Here you will find an exciting range of marine activities to enjoy alone or with the family, including snorkeling, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) and glass bottom kayaks. Children can also have fun joining the water activities or play at Ishigaki Island’s No. 1 Water Park. The fun things to do are endless.

Whether you play all day or relax to your heart's content - there are wide arrays of options to experience the Island paradise.