Lush nature with no artificial light,
breathtaking views of starry skies

Stargaze in wonder at the 84 constellations visible in this world-class starry sky

Stargazing perfection is exactly what you discover when looking up into the unobstructed glimmering cosmos here. The area is an officially designated International Dark Sky Place, as part of the Iriomote Ishigaki National Park where you can see 88 constellations, 84 are visible from Ishigaki Island (on Japan's main island of Honshu, you can see just 60 constellations at most). The lack of artificial light around Fusaki Resort, and across the island, make it perfect for witnessing the full beauty of a true night sky. One step out from your guest room will land you in the wonders of the greatest planetarium - nature.

Explore constellations uncommon in Japan, the Milky Way and the Southern Cross

Gaze up at the Milky Way all year round on Ishigaki Island, a special treat for those yet to see our galaxy. From May to October, the Milky Way is distinctly visible, splashed across the night sky. In Japan, it is only from the Ogasawara Islands and the small area around Ishigaki Island from late December to June that you can have the pleasure of seeing the Southern Cross hanging low in the sky, just above the horizon. After dinner, just a few short steps to the beach will place you with the stars. Revel in refreshing night breezes while taking in the countless stars so rare in Japan's skies.

Stretch your legs under the spectacular stars

A short drive from Fusaki Resort allows you to enjoy star gazing at Banna Park in the highlands. Here in Ishigaki Yaima Town's Star Village (entry time limits apply) you will find a variety of cosmic experiences, including one of Japan's leading space telescopes at the Ishigaki Island Astronomical Observatory. Taking advantage of Fusaki Resort's location to explore beautiful Ishigaki Island is highly recommended. If you wish to know more about stars and constellations, you can apply to join Fusaki Resort's starry sky tour - the Fusaki Beautiful Stars Walk.