Striking blue skies, picture-perfect sunsets.
Relax with the sky and ocean by your side.

Panoramic skies and ocean views

Step out into the privacy of your own balcony to bask in panoramic views of the sky and sea. Fusaki Beach Resort owns one of Ishigaki’s most spectacular beaches, over 1km of beautiful coast. This is the perfect place to gaze out over this natural scenery. Pure white sand leads to the ocean’s diverse shades of blue changing from pale aqua in the shallows out to the familiar crests of waves crashing over the coral reef where the water darkens and the sea touches the wide-open sky.

The brilliant sunshine and calming sea breezes of the Ocean View Rooms deliver the true island experience. Take a deep breath, feel the power of nature racing through your body, and enjoy the true tropical island paradise that is Fusaki Beach Resort.

Perfect for Groups and Families

“Where should I go?” and “Who should I go with?” are both considerations that equally contribute to holidays that money just can’t buy.

Garden Terraces provide 40sqm of spacious luxury to accommodate up to 6 guests, ideal for enjoying the island with group and family bookings.

Share cozy moments with those most special to you in the comfort of these spacious contemporary rooms. Lose yourself in endless conversation and be moved by stunning ocean views with those who matter most.

Nature’s Lush Green by the Ocean

Large windows allow you to take in all of the lush tropical greenery and ocean breezes in the North Wing. Slide open the glass and find yourself immersed in the soul-stirring nature of Fusaki Beach Resort. The sandy beach lies ahead providing the most natural soundtrack of waves rolling into shore beyond the layers of lush green of Japan’s tropical south.
Wake up, step out onto the terrace and feel the morning sun’s warm touch beaming down through the refreshing breeze as you gaze on the ocean and island greenery. Start your day with invigorating sea air. The sun will mark the passage of time as it slowly burns a path through the cloudless sky. Soak in the atmosphere of nature’s gifts, all from the comfort of your own room.

Stunning sunsets from Ocean View Rooms.

Unforgettable stays in Ocean View Rooms with stunning sunsets over Iriomote and Kohama Islands.
Sunset from the beach is hard to match, but here you can take in the magic hour relaxing on your private terrace enjoying spectacular sequences of color as the sun’s last light warms and then fades to darkness over the ocean. A scene that will surely stay with you forever.