Savoring your very own
Fusaki sunset

The skies change with the times and seasons, revel in the beauty of your day's sunset

The summer sunset fill the sky with violet colors as it slowly makes pathway for the evening breeze. With some luck, you might beat witness to the special green flash at the end of the horizon. Winter evenings offer seasonal changes to view the Kohama and Iriomote Islands as the sunset reveals the siljouettes of the Yaeyama Islands.

Ocean or beach front,
everywhere in Fusaki is a sunset hotspot

Fusaki Angel Pier became a symbol of the resort as a location for the most desireable sunset photography, however everywhere in Fusaki is perfect for enjoying the lively skies of the day’s last light.
Some guests like to watch the sunset from their private balcony, while others gaze at the setting sun from the beach or by the swimming pool, relaxing in their swimwear.
Other guests choose to spend sunset gazing skyward with cocktails in THE STAR BAR, or BBQing with friends and family. You can relish every Fusaki sunset from anywhere in the resort while doing exactly what you enjoy most.

Magical color
sequences after sunset

In order to catch the full beauty of nature’s evening shows, be sure to look out for those fleeting moments before and after sundown known as the “Magic Hour.” You might choose to experience this magical time strolling along the beach listening to the waves roll in as beautiful colors play out overhead and evening fades to night.
Every place in Fusaki Beach Resort - your balcony, the pier, poolside - is the ideal spot to enjoy the sunset. Be sure to discover your most memorable sunset scene.