Ryukyu cuisine with specially selected ingredients,
sunset BBQs, flavors and settings created for your dining pleasure

Splashes of holiday color, unforgettable dining experiences

Delight in nature and culture while dining on sumptuous cuisine, experiences that are the essence of Fusaki Beach Resort. Savor local ingredients and cuisine you've never tried before. Delicious flavors accompany beautiful scenery in spaces that will open your heart, all delivered with the personalized hospitality of attentive staff. Nature and culture await you to ensure memorable Fusaki experiences every time you dine.

Relish the flavors of Ryukyu cuisine and its influences in the ambience of Peranakan-style

SHINTENCHI RYUKYU CHINESE RESTAURANT opened in spring 2020. Dine on the delicious fusion of Ryukyu cuisine and discover its cultural influences - Peranakan cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Satsuma cuisine, these three styles led to the birth of this new genre of cooking, Ryukyu Chinese. The fusion of Chinese and European culture brought about the gorgeous Peranakan architecture, the inspiration for our restaurant interior that is waiting to enhance your pleasure during this new dining experience.

Taste the excitement of live cooking, the pleasure of all-day dining

Truly international buffet-style dining serving Okinawan and Ishigaki Island cuisines as well as over 100 dishes from around the world - ISHIGAKI BOLD KITCHEN. The island's most exceptional all-day dining experience is set in a wide-open interior with high ceilings filled with the beauty of Ishigaki Island's traditional arts and crafts. Witness the chef's artful rituals of preparation in an open kitchen with all the sweet aromas of the freshest produce. Enjoy a fun stroll through world cuisine at one of our dining tables.

Seaside sunset BBQs to remember forever

Facing the beach, BEACHSIDE GRILL KACHIBAI is perfect for sunsets, outdoor dining here feels just like being on the beach. Generous servings of Ishigaki Beef and the freshest seafood leave nothing to be desired in this BBQ paradise. Watch the chef heartily BBQ fare on the open grill while soaking in the ambience of a slow dinner under the dimming beauty of sunset scenery with the caresses of evening sea breezes. You are sure to feel the true resort spirit of Fusaki Beach.