Feel the essence of Okinawa in the open-air bath,
or relax in the SPA with organic products and exquisite scents

Shed your stress in the rich abundance of
Fusaki Resort's Wellness Center

A day of adventure into the beauty of Ishigaki Island's nature can leave you wanting a much-deserved rest. Take a moment to slow down, relax, and reset for the next day's activities. Enjoy the spacious Okinawan-style Large Public Bath, reinvigorate your mind and body with special treatments at FUSAKI SPA, take a dip in the indoor pool - always open regardless of the weather - welcome to the WELLNESS CENTER.

Deep relaxation in our Okinawan-style open-air bath

The Large Public Bath that our guests have been eagerly waiting for is now open. Bathe in bliss in the spacious bathtub, or simply relax in the sauna or jacuzzi. Lounge in the open space of the open-air bath as you soak up the Okinawan style, all before more relaxing in the indoor tub. There are also diaper-change beds and shower chairs for small children. From babies to elderly guests, anyone and everyone can enjoy the baths at the WELLNESS CENTER.

Especially chosen organics and
scents at the exceptional FUSAKI SPA

FUSAKI SPA is a portal to deep tranquility through an assortment of relaxing treatments delivered with the air of refinement of a space decorated with Okinawan art. SPA treatments use bamford products made purely from exquisite organic plant essences. Feel free to purchase any of the products that leave you with a lasting impression. After the treatment, enjoy freshly baked sweets and herb tea prepared especially for you by our very own pastry chef. Find your blissful moment where body and mind slip into deep relaxation in this Okinawan scene of tropical green and vivid flowers.

Indoor pool fun, all year round

In the indoor pool you can have fun year-round regardless of the outside weather With a waterslide, life guards always on duty, a shallow area, and arm floaties for free rental, small children will love playing safely. Air and water temperatures are kept in the comfortable range around 30 degrees. Adults also have space to swim freely, parents too can enjoy playing with their children in the water. A refreshing place for everyone.

※Due to the water pump trouble, this slider is now out of service. Thank you for your understanding.