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Boat Diving Refresher Courses

For those who have hardly gone diving after getting their C-card, you can get fantastic guidance includingsetting up equipment and entry tips.
These courses are also recommended for senior divers.

■ Manta-watching
The Kabira Ishizaki Manta Scramble is a wonderful place where scuba divers and manta rays intermingle and interact in harmony.
From early spring to the beginning of summer, squadrons of 2 to 4 can be seen gently hovering in the water.
Then between summer and autumn comes the best season for viewing the manta rays!
Gathering at vast points, you can experience a wide variety of these majestic creatures’ behaviors.

■ Underwater Camera and Video
The breathtaking beauty of the underwater scenery is created by the richness of the biodiversity of the coral reef and the dynamic topography.
We will make the schedule based on your desired photo subject and points.

Basic InformationOpen/Close

Venue Best point
Schedule All-season
Time required Around 7 hrs.
Minimum number of people 1
Provider Umicoza Diving School


2 Dives ¥16,500 (incl. tax)
What the price includes Boat fee / Facility usage fee / Guide / 2 tanks / Weights / Lunch and drinks


Around 8:15: Gather at hotel lobby → Move to shop and prepare by 8:30
⇒ 9:00: Depart the beach by boat
⇒ 2 points (1st location is the coral reef, 2nd location is the manta ray point; only coral reef in winter season)
⇒ Around 1:30 pm: Return to shop; shower and then have a relaxing lunch break
⇒ Around 2:30 pm: Be brought to the hotel (arrive at hotel around 3:00 pm)


* Those who will board a plane on the same day cannot join in the diving.
* Make sure to bring your license card.
* If the weather is bad or there are strong winds, there is a possibility that we will not go to the manta point.
* Those under the age of 20 must submit a written statement of approval from their legal guardian.
* Those who are over 60 or have a history of illness are requested to check a PADI-issued medical history or doctor's certificate.
If the answer is "YES" you will need a doctor to fill out a PADI medical history and/or medical certificate.
* Cancellation fee: 50% of total fee (at least one day in advance) or 100% of total fee (on the day)

* For those requesting equipment rental:
Full rental: ¥5,500
BC regulator set: ¥4,400
Mask, snorkel, and snorkel shoes: ¥2,200
BCD jacket and regulator: ¥2,750 each
Wetsuit: ¥2,200

Reservations & Inquiries

Please ask for the "Tour Desk."
Reception times: 7:30 am – 7:00 pm

Please ask for the "Tour Desk."
Reception times: 7:30 am – 7:00 pm

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