Fusaki's facilities to offer you a pleasant and memorable stay

Fusaki Resort Village features very useful facilities to boost up your trip. Find your favorite spot along with the Shisa scattered across the resort.

What is "Shisa (Okinawan decoration)"?
Legendary Lion-Dog statue came from Okinawan mythology. These small statues are believed to ward off evil spirits and can be found standing guard on top of roofs or at the entrances to homes, businesses and shops. Shisa is loved by everyone as a decorative ornaments as well as souvenirs.
one with its mouth open is female and one with its mouth close is male.


"Warabaa" Kids Pool & Kids Space

Exciting Place for Kids

"Warabaa" in Okinawan dialect means rascal .
Our kids -friendly pool features a safe and shallow and play area equipped with equipment from bornelund for kids to enjoy without interference. Great adventure for the Kids.

[Open Dates]
Kids Pool: End of March through End of October **Open during the warmer period

Garden Pool

Outdoor pool you can relax on the the beach side

Pool on the beach side where you can relax, lay down, and enjoy reading your favorite books while enjoying tropical drinks.

[Open Dates]
End of March through End of October **Open during the warmer period

Aroma Healing Salon "Asian"

Massage and Skin care to heal your mind and body

Experience our Aroma healing massage by simply indulging in relaxing spa treatments. We have a menu very unique to Okinawa to offer too.

14:00~22:00 Prior reservation required
**Not recommended for pregnant women
**Please advise any medical, health and skin conditions before booking your treatment

Souvenir Shops

From Daily Necessities, Commodities to Souvenir

Souvenir shop featuring selected items , such as chocolates and native produces. Also, there is a convenient store featuring a wide array of convenient daily commodities opens until mid night

Souvenir Shop next to the lobby :7:30~21:000 Convenience Store:7:30~24:00


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130Cars / Free
25min by car from Ishigaki airport
1625 Arakawa Ishigaki city,Okinawa 907-0024 Japan
Internet Service
Wireless Internet available in the lobby area. Wifi is available in all guest rooms.