Access to Ishigaki Island

Narita International Airport - Naha Airport - Ishigaki Airport 220 min
Tokyo International (HND) - Ishigaki Airport 215 min
Kansai International Airport (KIX) - Ishigaki Airport 170 min
Naha Airport - Ishigaki Airport 60 min

Access from Ishigaki Airport
and Ishigaki Outer island Ferry Terminal

By Taxi:

From Ishigaki AirportApproximately 25minutes and 3,500 yen

From Ishigaki Outer island Ferry TerminalApproximately 15minutes and 1,500 yen

By local Bus Service:

From Ishigaki Airport

Airport Line (Route 4 & 10) to the Ishigaki Bus Terminal
Bus Fare: 540 yen (adults), 270 yen (children)
Time: 35 min by local express, 45 min by local
First Service: 7:15 am / Last: 9:45 pm (runs every 25 min)

From Ishigaki Bus Terminal

Kabira Resort Line to Fusaki Resort Village
Bus Fare: 310 yen (adults), 160 yen (children)
Time: 20 minutes

From Ishigaki Outer island Ferry Terminal

2 min walk to Ishigaki Bus Terminal
Kabira Resort Line to Fusaki Resort Village
Bus Fare: 310 yen (adults), 160 yen (children)
Time: 20 minutes

**Please note that this amount of time required will vary depending on road traffic conditions.

Escort bus Information (Ishigaki Airport <-> Fusaki Resort Village)



From September 1, 2017, the free escort bus service between Ishigaki Airport and Fusaki Resort Village will also stop by ART HOTEL Ishigakijima under the same hotel management group.


40 minutes required



The departures/ arrival time at the hotel/ ariport may change without notice. Any changes will be updated on this page.
Please check the page before coming once again. Thank you.


Bus to Ishigaki Airport Timetable

▼2017/11/1〜2018/3/31▼(This timetable has been updated on the 2017/10/5)

From Hotel From ART HOTEL To Airport
8:35 8:50 9:15
10:20 10:35 11:00
12:05 12:20 12:45
15:05 15:20 15:45
16:05 16:20 16:45
17:05 17:20 17:45
18:15 18:30 -
20:30 20:45 -
21:30 21:45 -





Bus to Fusaki Resort Village Timetable 

▼2017/11/1〜2018/3/31▼(This timetable has been updated on the 2017/10/5)

From Airport From ART HOTEL To Hotel
9:25 9:50 10:05
11:10 11:35 11:50
13:10 13:35 13:50
16:10 16:35 16:50
17:10 17:35 17:50
18:10 18:35 18:50
- 19:30 19:45
- 20:45 21:00
- 21:45 22:00
- 22:30 22:45
- 23:00 23:15

About the bus stop at Ishigaki Airport

The bus at Ishigaki airport will be waiting at the designated bus area in front of the Airport entrance. 

About using the bus

* You can use it for free (No smoking inside the bus).
* Using the escort bus is limited to those staying at the hotel
* There is no reservation necessary
* There is a limit to the number of seats available
* There is a chance you may not be able to ride when all the seats are occupied
(In that case, use the next shuttle bus, taxi or a regular passenger bus)
* The escort bus times can’t be changed to suit a delay in your plane’s departure or arrival, etc.
* During typhoons and stormy weather, service may be suspended
Also service may be suspended without notice due to unexpected vehicle malfunction, and/or other trouble
* You cannot use the bus for any purposes other than being escorted, such as the transport of luggage, etc.
* Arrival at the airport may be late due to road conditions. Please give yourself ample time to arrive.


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130Cars / Free
25min by car from Ishigaki airport
1625 Arakawa Ishigaki city,Okinawa 907-0024 Japan
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Wireless Internet available in the lobby area. Wifi is available in all guest rooms.