Seaside BBQ Kachibai 2020 Show

Ishigaki is an island of the arts, such that it is known as “the land of poetry, the island of song, the village of dance.”

At Seaside BBQ Kachibai, every year we put on a show of Yaeyama traditional folk songs, and this year is no exception.
We have also added a day where you can enjoy an exhilarating fire performance!

Island songs and katcharsee folk dances that will touch your heart.
A mystical and beautiful, deeply powerful performance.

We hope you will have an unforgettable evening with Ishigaki’s famous ocean and cuisine, as well as traditional performing arts!



Dates July 21 to September 29, October 31, 2020 (subject to Kachibai’s opening days)
Days Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Time (Tuesday, Thursday) 8:00–8:30 pm
(Saturday) 8:00–8:25 pm
Price Overnight guests can view the performance for free (note, however, that non-diners will be required to stand to watch the performance).
Non-lodgers are requested to order at least one drink.
Notes * Please be aware that, depending on the weather, there may be time changes or cancelations.
The fire performance in particular is susceptible to being canceled due to wind.
* There may be a change of performers without prior notice.



Tuesday Yone-san and the Churashima Band (folk songs)
Thursday Yone-san and the Churashima Band (folk songs)
Saturday natural spirits (fire performance)


Yone-san and the Churashima Band
Originally from the Arakawa district of Ishigaki City. Nickname “Yone-san.”
Yone-san’s skilled plectrum-work on the sanshin and the finely-honed storytelling have transformed many listeners into Yaeyama fans!
Having learned the folk songs of the Yaeyama Islands, he is now a teacher at the Okinawa Folk Song Preservation Society.
He is also a performer of magic tricks, juggling, and more, and is a somewhat strange singer of traditional folk songs.

natural spirits
The only fire dance troupe on Ishigaki Island.
Not satisfied with just fire performances, they create driftwood art, make accessories, perform original dances, and do everything from stage production and decoration to interior and exterior decoration.